aadbook is a fork of GooBook focusing on making it possible to use your Azure AD contacts from the command-line and from MUAs such as Mutt.

While aadbook doesn't support all goobook's command, its query command is 100% compatible with goobook's one, meaning you can use aadbook with vim-goobook!


Install aadbook:
> pip install aadbook
Generate auth tokens:
> aadbook authenticate
To sign in, use a web browser to open the page https://microsoft.com/devicelogin
and enter the code CVSEQPB6T to authenticate.
Load the contacts:
> aadbook reload
Have fun!
> aadbook query Darth

darth.maul@gmail.com       Darth Maul
darth.vader@gmail.com      Darth Vader


Pypi: https://pypi.org/project/aadbook/


Github: https://github.com/iamFIREcracker/aadbook