My life as a developer is a mess: at work I have a laptop with Windows 7 and Cygwin installed; I also have a Vagrant box, running Ubuntu, that I use to do the most of my development work. At home I have a Macbook Air, with Mac OS Sierra.

I have been a Vim user for years, but only recently I discovered the :Gbrowse command from the awesome vim-fugitive -- but of course it wasn't working from within a remote session as which browser should it try to open the URL with?

Wouldn't it be nice if I could read from the OS clipboard, or write to it, using a single command line tool? And wouldn't it awesome if the same tool worked on various operating systems? (at least the ones I use on a daily basis)

I had already built cb in the past, so I thought maybe I can re-use some if it and build something that would make :Gbrowse work fine, even when working remotely.

enters br..


Open a URL from the command line
> br
// opens URL with your default browser
It works remotely too!
> br --listen &
> ssh -R 5557:localhost:5557 user@remote
remote> br
// opens URL with your default browser...on the host machine!