logfilter is a simple application which raises the attention of the user each time a line matching a certain regular expression is appended to a file.

Take the command tail -f, combine it with grep -e PATTER [-e PATTERN ...], add a simple GUI enabling users to choose the log file to monitor and the filters to use: this is logfilter in a nutshell!

Felicemente screenshot


Install logfilter:
> pip install logfilter
Start monitoring your log file (same as tail -f, plus the UI)
> logfilter LOGFILE.log
Want to pre-load a bunch of filters? No problem!
> logfilter -e '([Ee]xception|\tat)' LOGFILE.log
Interested in only the most 10000 recent log messages? No problem:
> logfilter -e '([Ee]xception|\tat)' -l 10000 LOGFILE.log


Pypi: https://pypi.org/project/logfilter/


Github: https://github.org/iamFIREcracker/logfilter