Heavily inspired by st's externalpipe patch, tmux-externalpipe lets you define mappings to pipe the content of the current Tmux pane into an external program of choice.

I am fond of similar plugins such as tmux-urlview or tmux-fpp, but when I found myself in need of creating a new one for cg -- which, as expected, turned out being 1% custom and 99% copypasta -- I decided it was time for something more generic, and reusable.

enters tmux-externalpipe..


Clone the repo:
> git clone ~/.tmux-plugins/tmux-externalpipe
Edit your tmux.conf:
> $EDITOR ~/.tmux.conf
# append the following lines:
#   set -g @externalpipe-urlview-cmd 'urlview'
#   set -g @externalpipe-urlview-key 'u'
#   run-shell ~/.tmux-plugins/tmux-externalpipe/externalpipe.tmux
Reload tmux.. and that's it: hitting prefix + u should now prompt you with urlview link selection screen.